365 Momente

Porto (Portugal)

2 Months (Autumn 2022)


The location

What happened



  • between 10° and 25° during the day
  • between 5° and 15° in the evening/night
  • rain in round about 5 out of 8 weeks

The bags

The content

LuggageInitially broughtBought on the wayUsage
3x Sport T-Shirtx-100%
3x Sport Tank Topx-0%
2x Outdoor T-Shirtx-100%
2x Sport pants (shorts)x-100%
1x Casual pants (long)x-100%
2x Tank topsx-50%
1x Hawaii Shirtx-25%
1x Outdoor Shirtx-5%
6x Underwearx-100%
3x Pairs of toe socks (cotton)x-100%
4x Pairs of socks (bamboo, long)x-50%
1x Zip-off, light, outdoor pantsx-100%
1x Hard shell jacketx-5%
1x Hard shell sport jacket (water resistent)x-15%
1x Barefoot Toe-Shoesx-50%
1x Barefoot Shoes (water resistent)x-50%
1x Pair of slippersx-100%
1x Rain jacket (gore tex)x-50%
1x Notebookx-100%
1x Tabletx-25%
1x Mobile usb-c displayx-100%
1x Fleece jacket-x100%
4x Elastic bands (sports)-x100%
1x Havaianas-x100%
1x Rain pants-x5%
1x Rain protection (Poncho)-x10%
1x Rollup Yoga-Mat-x100%